4 Storage Hacks That Will Transform Your Home

    We all know closets become a black hole for your belongings: clothes, shoes, bags, you name it. Check out these simple ways to store your belongings and avoid unnecessary clutter in your home. Read our four storage hacks to transform your home here:

    Use Modular Storage Pieces That Fit Your Space

    Utilize modular storage units for the small spaces in your home. Look for a set with pieces that you can put together yourself to accommodate a corner or area beneath a staircase. You can even stack wooden crates vertically to display a lamp, or horizontally for a row of books. Arranging individual boxes allows you to adjust the composition whenever you need more space or want to move the unit elsewhere. If you have a small home, use the modular unit as a way to separate two rooms, such as the living room and kitchen. Customize the unit and keep the compartments open on either end so that you can display plants or knickknacks for both rooms to see!

    Hook & Hang It

    From plastic Command hooks to vintage knobs, maximize your vertical space to hang every-day essentials, such as keys, hats, or bags. Feeling creative? Visit your local thrift store or antique market and pick out a unique set of knobs to put in your mud room, kitchen, or bathroom. For a warm and cozy feel, hang a string of lights along a wall using clear Command hooks. If you’re living in a rented space that doesn’t allow you to drill holes in the walls, adhesive hooks are also a convenient alternative for hanging frames.

    Opt for Under-Bed Drawers

    Get your clothes off the floor and into under-the-bed drawers. If you have limited storage space in your home, built-in drawers function as an excellent place to store seasonal clothes, and will save you lots of floor space. While many beds have one to two simple pull-out drawers on either side, you can choose from other designs that will best fit your storage needs. Check out different options on Pottery Barn, Hayneedle, or Cymax.

    Make It Float

    For efficient storage with a clean look, choose a floating cabinet that will hold all of your bathroom essentials. There are many styles you can pick from that will free up floor space and make a room less cramped or cluttered. In small spaces, install a floating cabinet beneath your sink to store extra towels or cleaning supplies. Larger units placed against a wall can accommodate hairdryers, toiletries, and your kids’ bathtub toys. Utilize your newly empty floor space to store a body scale or trash bin.

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