6 Ways to Repurpose Wooden Crates

    Upcycling and DIY projects are all the rage. It’s amazing to see how old objects like wooden crates can make a space look rustic and trendy. Not only do they look attractive, but wooden crates are entirely functional for storage and display purposes. Check out these four ways that you can repurpose wooden crates in your home.

    1. Organize Your Magazines

    Use an old wine crate to organize your magazines and newspapers into one container. You can keep this crate on the floor in your living room or stash it on a shelf. Why buy a plastic bin when you can repurpose your family’s old stuff?

    2. Stash Your Wine

    What better way to store wine than to use an authentic wine crate? Whether you dig out an old wine crate from your attic or paint a new one, wooden crates make ideal storage for wine bottles. You can typically fit 8-9 bottles in a single crate to store in your basement or a cool space in your kitchen.

    3. Install a Bedside Table

    Bring a rustic-chic vibe to your bedroom! Simply turn a wooden crate on its side to repurpose it as a bedside table and shelf unit. If your bed is higher off the ground, stack two crates so that it’s accessible. You can stack books in the opening and keep bedside essentials (reading glasses, a lamp, your phone) on the top surface.

    4. Mount a Wall Shelf

    Save yourself a trip to Home Depot and create a DIY shelf instead of buying one. Wall shelves are ideal for displaying photos or keeping home essentials. You can mount a wooden crate in any room of your house, but might be most practical to use in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

    5. Store Bathroom Essentials

    Similar to the wall shelf, repurpose a wooden crate to store toilet paper, lotions, and other bathroom items you use everyday. There are several ways to install a wooden crate in your bathroom: place one unit on the floor, stack two units (see tip six!), or a mount cluster of units on the wall. Get creative! It’s fun to make your bathroom inviting.

    6. Stack to Store Books and Knick-Knacks

    With a little creativity, you can transform your living room with a DIY storage unit. Buy a bunch of wooden crates at an antique shop or used home goods store, if you don’t have any at home. Arrange four to six crates along a wall so that they’re stacked in two rows. You can store books, photo albums, and other items in the open spaces. Decorate the top space with a table runner or framed photos. This unit can also function as a space divider in your living room or bedroom.

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